One-Button Update Partners
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These third-party programs have a menu selection, button or screen prompt that initiates a CSI download and then automatically and invisibly uses UA to deliver data and maintain pre-specified portfolios. With this setup, a CSI subscriber can arrange for updates and install the UA software, but subsequently use only the third-party analysis product for daily applications.

Third-party software vendors currently offering this enhanced degree of compatibility with CSI are:

·One Day at a Time and Delta Graphics by the Delta Society - Website:  
Click here for more information on using Delta Society Int'l Software with Unfair Advantage.  
·(TM) Software - Website:  
·Stock Market Magic by Great Inspirations Software - Website:  
·VantagePoint Software by Market Technologies - Website:  
Click here for more information on using VantagePoint software with Unfair Advantage.  

If you would like your third-party software to support this CSI service, please ask the supplier to contact CSI. Our staff will work with them (free of charge) to facilitate a seamless interface for you.