Facts, Events & Exchanges
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CSI maintains a file within UA that tracks important events affecting the markets. It also keeps a list of all exchanges represented in the database along with their UA abbreviations. This combination of important facts was called the "Alerts Calendar" in earlier versions of UA.

To view, pull down the Database menu at the top of your screen, then click "Facts, Events and Exchanges." Click the topic you wish to view and then scroll through the materials to find the content of interest to you.

To make sure UA always has the most current information available, CSI transmits revised and updated Facts and Events calendars periodically. You control whether or not these updates are processed though "Distribution 2" screen of General Program Settings (on the Preferences screen) as shown above (see Factsheet Changes).

To automatically receive and process new Alert Calendars of Facts, Events and exchanges make sure the center box is checked. If new calendars are not desired, click the check to remove it (not recommended).

The Database menu's "Facts, Events & Exchanges" feature offers three types of information that may be of use in trading or understanding the database.


Click the appropriate tab to select from:

·Alert Calendar  
·Event Calendar  
·Exchange List  

You can print the current page of any of these entries by clicking your right mouse button and then selecting "Print."