Managing Market Specs
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The commodity and stock Market Specs factsheets can be edited by the user to reflect your own conventions for tracking the markets. Although the CSI staff automatically maintains the Market Specs factsheets through control files that are downloaded with daily updates, you have the power to preserve your edits by overriding those changes. (General Program Settings - Distribution 2, Market Specs changes.)

When your "Market Specs Changes" setting is "Automatic," your Market Specifications may be overwritten at any time. Other choices allow for changes after "Warn First," or to "Skip All" factsheet changes.

Whatever your selection, you may want to preserve your customized Market Specs factsheet for later use, for reference, or to restore after inappropriate (for you) changes occur.

The stock Market Specifications factsheet file is called \ua\archives\sdbfacts.adm
The commodity Market Specifications factsheet file is called \ua\archives\cdbfacts.adm

Backing Up the Market Specs Factsheets

Any time you back up the entire UA directory, these files are automatically included. To back up just the Market Specs factsheet files, click your START button and click "My Computer." Navigate to the UA folder and click it, then click Archives. Click on whichever Market Specs factsheet file you want to back up (sdbfacts.adm or cdbfacts.adm), then go to the Edit menu and click "Copy." Next, click your UAbackup or UA2 folder, and then double-click the Archives folder within. Go back to the Edit menu and click "Paste." This will put a current copy of your Market Specs factsheet file in the directory where you normally back up your UA system. These instructions assume the existence of a directory where your UA backup system is stored. If you haven't previously backed up UA, this directory (folder) will not exist. You may select another directory for storing your backup Market Specs factsheet files.

Restoring the Market Specs Factsheets

If you backed up the full UA folder and want to restore just the Market Specs factsheets, click your computer's START button, click "My Computer," and navigate to either the UAbackup or UA2 folder (whichever you use). Double-click this folder to reveal the UA folder, which you should also double-click. This reveals a series of folders, including one called ARCHIVES. Double-click ARCHIVES and, in that folder, you'll see both the sdbfacts.adm file and the cdbfacts.adm file. Click the one you want to restore (if both, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting), then click the Edit menu. Click "Copy." Next navigate back to your working UA folder and click the Archives folder. Go to the Edit menu and click "Paste." This will restore the Market Specs factsheet files to your current UA.

If you backed up just the Market Specs factsheet files within another folder, use the above directions, skipping the step of going into the UAbackup\ARCHIVES or UA2\ARCHIVES folder.

An alternative to restoring old Market Specs is Refreshing Market Specs.