Getting Daily Updates
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As described in the "Guide For New Users" chapter, UA must be configured with your User ID and User Number, which are customized during software installation. Once you have arranged your method of access through Download Settings and customized your method of access (Internet, Direct Dial or Browser), you'll be ready to download data.

Updating the database is simple.

Follow these steps:

1 - Get Online (Can be skipped if your computer is already online or if you will access via Direct Dial)
2 - Request an Update
3 - Select Download & Distribution Choices (can be skipped for recommended default selection)
4 - Click the [Run] button to proceed with your update.

As you can see from this list, only steps 2 and 4 (simple mouse-clicks) are usually required. Click the links above for details on each of these.

After the update begins, monitor the daily update and data distribution process (if using "Browser," start the Distribution through the Database menu when data retrieval is complete).

The time required for your daily update will depend primarily upon your modem speed, the scope of your update (whether or not multiple database categories are included) and the number of days retrieved in a single transmission. To minimize retrieval time for any single download, we recommend you retrieve an update each day. This will allow you to avoid the lengthy downloads required when the database is updated sporadically.

When the update is finished, the next step is data distribution.