Downloading Data
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UA performs four types of data downloads to get data into your computer:

1.UA can retrieve daily updates of the most recent end-of-day prices from the CSI Data Retrieval Service;  
2.UA can access delayed intraday quotes from third-party websites (that are not retained in the database);  
3.UA can download "refreshed" or corrected historical data files to replace those received on CD ROM from CSI or to replace files that have been damaged.  
4.UA can download data when the update is initiated from outside UA.  

Click the links below to learn more about the type of download you would like to perform.

1) Daily Updates (Get Data)

Daily updates are the lifeblood of the Unfair Advantage data warehousing system. Only this service appends current data that has been compiled, screened and cleaned by the CSI staff to the historical database supplied with the software. You may perform multiple daily updates over the course of the day to capture end-of-day results from various markets after their respective posting times.

Retrieving daily updates should be considered routine maintenance for your market analysis system.

Retrieving daily updates is important because:
·Your first "Get Data" session unlocks the database for analysis;  
·Subsequent updates keep your database current for timely analysis;  
·Regular updates are required to prevent future lockouts and loss of license;  
·Updates may contain corrections, revisions and continuity adjustments to your historical data;  
·Distribution of daily updates activates rebuilding and recalculations of continuous files and export files as needed;  
·Friday's download includes a complete refresh of stock fundamentals for stock users.  

2) Intraday Updates

CSI provides access to intraday data in two different ways: SnapQuote and Position Manager. Both of these services use the Internet to direct your browser to third-party websites that offer delayed intraday quotes to the general public at no charge.

SnapQuote is a way to add preliminary market data for both commodities and stocks to your CSI data files. These quotes will be inserted as "estimates" in today's data files and overwritten with revised values when official updates are posted after the close of the markets.

Position Manager quotes are used in a spreadsheet/accounting environment for tracking position and account equity throughout the day. They are not added to your Unfair Advantage data files.

3) History Refresh

The database files on your hard drive hold raw data for all commodities and/or stocks and options (if installed) within UA. If one or more of these files becomes corrupted (through hardware failures or improper updating) the affected file(s) should be replaced through the History Refresh feature, as described in the History Refresh topic of this chapter. Please note that this is a time-consuming process. We do not recommend replacing more than a few files at a time with this feature.

4) Initiating a Downloading from Outside UA

The process of updating the database through Unfair Advantage can be initiated as a program call from custom software or through special utilities provided by CSI. Programmers and software developers who are interested in this feature should refer to the "Initiating an Update Remotely" topic in the Third-Party Software chapter. Several third-party software developers have included seamless retrieval using Unfair Advantage into their analysis programs. See the One Button Updates topic for more information.

Click the links (above) to reach information about the type of download you wish to initiate.