Hardware & Communication Requirements
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Unfair Advantage is a 32-bit WindowsÒ application. It requires:

·Windows 98 or higher operating system  
·A PentiumÒ-powered PC computer with speeds of 200Mz or faster  
·CD-ROM drive*  
·At least 256 MB of RAM  
·At least an SVGA monitor  
·A mouse or comparable pointing device  
·A modem or direct network access  
·A minimum of 256 colors desktop setting is required  
·Disk space requirements:  
The UA software uses 136 MB.  
The UA commodity database uses 444 MB, and it grows at 11% annually.  
The UA stock database uses 2.2 GB, and it grows at 12% annually.  
The UA options database uses 2.4 GB, and it grows at 18% annually.  

*Some UA software is shipped on CDR disks, which may not be compatible with certain CD drives. If your drive cannot read the CD we provide, please contact CSI technical support about replacement software.

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