Introduction to UA
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Welcome to Unfair AdvantageÒ and thank you for your order. This is a revolutionary data retrieval/ management/ analysis system for investors that puts the world's most complete and accurate financial database at your fingertips. From effortless data management to automatic error corrections, innovative analysis and trading system certification, Unfair Advantage is unrivaled.

The main functions of Unfair Advantage are:

1) Data - Depending upon your subscription category, you may have access to unparalleled historical scope of world futures markets reaching back to the 1950s and beyond. Market categories cover every conceivable commodity product (including options) and an inventory of stocks, economic series, funds and indices from the U.S., U.K., Canada and other world financial markets. Commitments of Traders information is also available through UA. Unfair Advantage's Database Menu offers several choices that let you see lists of the markets and exchanges available from CSI.

2)  Updating - This feature adds current market data to the historical database provided on your initial CD-ROM and stored on your computer's hard drive. Each update retrieves daily summary prices on all markets within your subscription category, which may include any or all of the markets in CSI's vast database. Intraday updates can be added to your daily Unfair Advantage charts through the new SnapQuote feature, which retrieves prices from third-party sources.

Downloaded information is distributed daily to a database file, from which the other formats are exported for use. Any UA data file can be made available for charting or other types of analysis. Daily updates of the database are handled through the Internet using your own Web Browser and Internet Service Provider. Replacement files of historical data are also available online to protect users from inadvertent data corruption. CSI also maintains a backup dial-in link over standard phone lines which can be used at any time.

3)  Portfolio Management - Unfair Advantage's portfolio system maintains your favorite charts and exported files. Contracts or stocks of interest are listed in your choice of multiple portfolios (directories) so that they can be viewed or accessed instantly. Your portfolios can be customized to accommodate third-party software.

4)  Charting/Analysis - You'll love the functionality and ease of Unfair Advantage's charting package. Super-compressed or vividly detailed charts can be viewed instantly on your choice of markets. Charts may be annotated with text and other tools such as trend lines and ellipses. This release offers bar and candlestick charts with volume, open interest and cash. An expanding list of technical indicators includes COT indicators, stochastics, moving averages, put/call ratios, spreads, Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, RSI, At-The-Money Study, basis and seasonal index studies. Interpreted Studies allow for custom programming of user-defined indicators, and include an extensive collection of studies that may be used as-is or modified to meet your individual needs. Charts may be printed or may be saved as a clipboard image for pasting into documents.

5) Alternative Analysis - The included MultiMarket Analyzer can manage trading opportunities through a mathematical statistics perspective and detect potentially profitable commodity and stock trading situations. The unique Trading System Performance Evaluator
tm (TSPE) can assess your account funding requirements and your likelihood of obtaining profitable performance.*

6) UA's MarketScanner
tm tool enables the trader to apply custom indicators to lists of stocks and futures. The analyst can capture market statistics on any of a variety of market groups and then sort and filter this data to reveal those that meet a particular criterion. For example, you might sort the NASDAQ stocks by the six-month rate of return.

7) A Position Manager module, which is a program to keep you apprised of your stock or futures trading account progress and performance, both historically and throughout the day. This module gives intraday updates from third-party quote vendors.*

8) Programmers can use a built-in API to access data with fast, in-memory simplicity. Commercial users may, at a higher price, enjoy even greater flexibility.

*Both TSPE and Position Manager are only available to users who pay the full Unfair Advantage license fee.

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