Installation Issues
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CD Won't Load

If you followed the installation instructions and the software won't load, you may have received a damaged disk. Or, if you have a 36X CD-ROM drive, you may be having an incompatibility problem with a CDR disk.

We use a combination of CDR disks (which we record in the office) and pressed disks (which are made by an outside firm). Some 36X CD-ROM drives can't read the CDR disks. If either of these seems to be your problem, please contact our Technical Support staff to request a new CD or discuss other options.

Reinstallation Won't Proceed

Installation of a replacement Unfair Advantage program from a CD ROM requires that your previous UA version be uninstalled using Windows' Uninstaller.

Use "Add or Remove Program" found on your Windows Control Panel to uninstall your old UA. We recommend making a backup copy before uninstalling.