Internet Filters
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Internet filters such as Norton Internet Security, Internet Explorer's Content Advisor and Net Nanny are designed to screen out objectionable content and/or damaging viruses from your Internet downloads. Although newer filters (corresponding with Windows XP) appear to handle Internet security without database corruption, older filters can inadvertently strip out necessary characters from CSI's binary data transmissions. UA cannot process files that have been corrupted by such filters.

Secure access using a filter:

Newer Internet Security products allow you to specify which programs should have access to the Internet. This means that when you download with UA, may see a message box asking whether ua.exe should be allowed access to the Internet. The answer should be "Yes."

The Norton Internet Security database, which is used for screening website access, lists ua.exe as the executable file for Microsoft Urban Assault. Since Norton Internet Security defaults to "Permit," on this program, you may simply check the "Always use this action" selection to allow access. Note that Microsoft Urban Assault will also be allowed access.

If you should experience this problem, you may need to temporarily adjust or disable Internet filtering software before beginning a download with UA. Do not assume that filtering software is turned off just because you did not enable it. Step-by-step instructions for disabling Content Advisor and for adjusting Norton Internet Security can be found in the Troubleshooting chapter under "Downloading Issues." Be sure to restore full filtering capability following your UA downloads.

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