Locked Database/Disk Termination
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Unfair Advantage comes to you with a "locked database." This means that you cannot access the data for charting or analysis until it is "unlocked." The process of unlocking the database is simple: First install the database on your hard drive, then collect a daily update from CSI. This unlocks the database. Please read on and you will learn how to make your first daily update.

Please look at the package in which your Unfair Advantage CD was supplied. You'll notice that the database expiration date is printed there. You must install the software and begin updating by this date.

The Unfair Advantage database must be updated at least once every month to keep the software working. Failure to update within a two (2) month span during your current subscription may result in the temporary loss of license to use the database and additional expenses. If you allow your database to lapse more than two months, the database will be corrupted by an irreparable elapsed-time gap. A replacement CD must be ordered from CSI and installed. A daily update must then be downloaded to restore the software's functionality. A fee for costs will apply.

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