Intraday Quotes
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Before we begin describing intraday quotes, we must clarify that the CSI Data Retrieval Service is a once-a-day update service, providing daily updates after the close of the markets. Only those daily updates that have been screened and certified by our data staff are stored in permanent CSI data files. CSI charts display just one set of quotes per day, regardless of the time of access, so any intraday quotes retrieved are overwritten with each update and are eventually replaced with the official end-of-day report.

Position Manager

Unfair Advantage's Position Manager module offers interim updates derived from third-party Internet sources that can keep you posted with intraday valuations of your holdings while you wait for the close of today's markets.

Launch Position Manager from the Trading Tools menu or directly from the UA program group on your computer's Start menu.

Position Manager requires that you enter a position list of the markets of interest to you. You may also enter the quantity of contracts or shares owned, entry date, trade direction and other details that can be used in keeping tabs on your position and account equity.

Intraday updates, which are typically 20-minute delayed, are provided from the websites of third-party firms, and are not guaranteed accurate. Intraday values are not added to your Unfair Advantage database archives, and are therefore not available for charting or manipulation through UA. Some charts are available through the supporting websites, however.


Please see the Position Manager chapter of this manual for full details and instructions.


sqico Unfair Advantage can collect and display intraday open, high, low and last data for the current day with a click of the SnapQuote button (second from left). Like Position Manager's intraday quotes, these prices are typically 20-minute-delay data or ECN only and come from third-party websites. We call it capturing "external" data, because this data does not pass through CSI's normal cleaning and clearing process. Intraday SnapQuotes display as today's data on your UA charts, but they are a different color to alert you to their status. These overwrite today's values with each update. They should be replaced with a full daily summary after the close of the markets.

CSI makes no claims about the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of this data. These intraday prices are incorporated into UA as estimated current-day values. When you retrieve a normal daily update from CSI, our high-quality, meticulously checked data replaces the estimated values.

The "SnapQuote" button on the UA toolbar lets you decide when to pick up intraday quotes. You must first identify those markets for which you want intraday updates, either through the "Intraday Update" checkbox on the Portfolio Manager panel or by clicking the "intraday" choice on the "Selecting Data Series" screen. This free service is offered on a trial basis. Future availability is not guaranteed. 

Please see the SnapQuote topic for full information and instructions.

Another popular method of viewing CSI data is to use software produced by third-party firms as described next.