Viewing with 3rd-Party Software
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Third-party software refers to analysis programs outside of the Unfair Advantage environment,

UA supports programs that need CSI, MS/CSIM format or ASCII format files through its file export feature. You can specify the necessary export formats and destination directories within your portfolios. See the Third-Party Software chapter of this manual for more information and tips for preparing and using UA data with compatible programs created by outside firms.

Some third-party analysis firms have begun using One-Button compatibility routines offered by CSI that allow for seamless interaction between their software and the UA downloader. Please see the One-Button Update Partners chapter for more information on this.

This topic completes the "Guide for New Users" chapter.

Now that you have explored Unfair Advantage with this guide, you'll probably want to set up a portfolio of the markets of interest to you. Many investors, particularly futures traders, find the easiest way to create a custom portfolio is to create charts of the desired markets, review those charts to make sure they are what you want, and then save the charts to a portfolio, Please see the "UA Charts" chapter for these instructions. If you prefer, jump to the "Your Portfolio" chapter for information on an alternate way to create a portfolio.

The Downloading Data chapter gives details on data retrieval and corresponding user settings. Click here if you want to read more about these features.