Logarithmic Y Scaling
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Sophisticated chartists can benefit from a variety of charting techniques, so UA now offers three distinct Y scaling methods.

To use this feature, create your chart, right-click your mouse and go to Logarithmic Y Scaling as shown below. Select your choice from Linear Y Scaling (the default), Evenly Spaced Semi log Scaling and Linearly Spaced Semi log Scaling as shown.


Linear Y Scaling: The default presentation of Unfair Advantage charts uses a simple linear scale. Prices advance at even intervals from zero to whatever value is required.

Evenly Spaced Semi log: Semilog (logarithmic) scaling is preferred to linear scaling by some traders. Evenly Spaced scaling provides even better visibility than Linearly Spaced Semi log (below) by spreading the data more evenly along the Y axis.

Linearly Spaced Semi log: This type of scaling is the most popular technique used in investment software. TradeStationÒ is one example of a program that uses linearly space semi log scaling.

This feature is only available on the right-click menu if no studies are included on the active chart. This is because logarithmic scales can hold only positive values, and study indicators are often negative. If a logarithmic scale is selected for an adjusted price series that includes negative prices, the negative values will be displayed as 1.