MarketScanner Issues
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Divide By Zero Error

This error message can display whenever you ask the software to do the impossible. If this occurs while running the MarketScanner Wizard, cancel the scan and re-check your input. Here are a few suggestions:

·Does your selected market criteria on the Wizard screen match the markets included in the scan list? Confirm your choices through the Scan DB Options/Scan Settings screen found on the Options menu.  
·If you have set minimum and maximum values, are they in the appropriate columns and do they correspond with each other?  
·If volume is one of your selected characteristics, did you remember to truncate your input by two integers? Example: 5 million should be entered as 50000.  
·If any of your chosen characteristics or studies include parameters in the "Period" field, is that field less than the number of days included in the initial scan? A 25 day scan cannot calculate data using a 30-day moving average or even a 25-day moving average. Your "Period" input must always be less than the number of days included in the scan. Correct as needed.