Software Issues
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Tips at Startup

The Unfair Advantage "tips" that display when you start the program are intended to familiarize you with the system's capabilities in an unobtrusive way. If you have already been through the limited selection of tips, or would rather not view them, you may simply turn this feature off.

To turn off tips, click the Options menu, go to the General tab and click the checkmark on the "Display tips at startup" entry. This will un-check the option and eliminate tips from your daily routine.

UA Manual Outdated After Software Upgrade

We urge you to read the notices on the web about each upgrade BEFORE you download the software. These notices contain important information about recent enhancements and known problems with each UA version.

Although we don't change the on-line manual with each software upgrade, we do periodically revise it to stay relatively current. You may navigate the latest manual on the CSI website at (click Support and then Online Manual) or, if a new version is available to download, it will be listed along with other product upgrades. To view the version that is currently stored on your hard drive, click UA's HELP menu, then click Help Topics.

You might also check the Tech Talk section of recent CSI Technical Journals to see what current topics have been addressed by our Technical Support staff. UA subscribers receive the CSI Technical Journal each month.

UA Won't Start After Incomplete History Refresh

An incomplete History Refresh transmission can interfere with program operation. To correct, right-click your Windows' Start button and click "Explore." Navigate to the file C:\UA\ARCHIVES\cdb\00000017.cdb and delete it. Restart Unfair Advantage, dismissing the error message as the program initiates, and retry the History Refresh download of the same markets.