MetaStock Compatibility
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Equis International's MetaStock software was designed to read and process files in the proprietary "MetaStock Format." Since MetaStock does not read the Unfair Advantage compressed database directly, analysis with MetaStock requires that Unfair Advantage create Export Format Files. UA allows you to specify the Export Format File type for each contract or stock in your portfolios, so it is a simple one-time process to set up MetaStock-compatible files for each of the markets you wish to analyze. Unfair Advantage employs a DLL supplied by the makers of MetaStock to create our MetaStock files, thus assuring compatibility.

The structure of the MetaStock file format may change at the discretion of the software vendor, as may access to such information.

CSIM(TM) Format

Before receiving MetaStock's DLL, CSI independently developed the CSIM format, which is compatible with earlier versions of MetaStock and is still compatible with many MetaStock-compatible programs. At this writing, the CSIM format may provide better compatibility with all versions of MetaStock.