Online Study Libraries
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The CSI website provides links to annotated study libraries which may be helpful in understanding the various programming languages and developing your own custom studies.

Be sure to follow the website directions to save your desired library in the UA directory (c:\ua) with the name '', 'studylib.vbs', 'studylib.js', or 'studylib.any'.

Currently available libraries are:

·Perl Study Library c:\ua\  
·VBScript Study Library c:\ua\studylib.vbs  
·JScript Study Library c:\ua\studylib.js  
·AnyLanguage Study Library c:\ua\studylib.any  

You'll find that the website also includes a handy list of studies that are currently available, which may be more current than the one found in this manual. (See the "Sample Study Lists" topic.)

For more information on where to find official documentation for the programming languages, please see the Syntax topic.