Refreshing Market Specs
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CSI automatically maintains Market Specification factsheet files, so it is not usually necessary to manually download a new one from the CSI website. However, if you have blocked UA from receiving factsheets or if your factsheets have been corrupted or damaged and you would like to download current ones, you may do so either through Unfair Advantage or directly from the CSI website.

Downloading Replacement Fact Files Through Unfair Advantage

The Database Menu (above the toolbar) allows you to refresh your Unfair Advantage Market Specs through the "Download Replacement Fact Files" feature. To use, click "Database" to drop down the menu and then select "Download Replacement Fact Files." The following displays:


The terms "Market Specs" and "Factsheet" are interchangeable, and either may display on your screen.

As you can see, this is a very comprehensive list of fact files that can be replaced. It includes not only market lists, but also footnotes, sectors, currency conversion and more. By default, most of these are selected for replacement, but you may customize the list by clicking the boxes to select (checked) or deselect (unchecked) as desired. Leave unchecked any files you want to keep as they are. Note that the new file(s) will replace their predecessors, so in the unlikely event you made any edits, those changes will be lost.

Click [Download] to proceed. A message displays when the transmission is complete.

Downloading Refreshed Fact Files Directly From the CSI Website

To see if a new factsheet is available for stocks or commodities, check Unfair Advantage Headlines at the CSI website.

If a new factsheet/Market Specs factsheet is available, click the link as directed to download.

·Save a new stock Market Specs factsheet file as: c:\ua\archives\sdbfacts.adm  
·Save a new commodity Market Specs factsheet file as: c:\ua\archives\cdbfacts.adm  

When the transmission is complete, your files will be replaced. Note that the Unfair Advantage Database menu offers a greater selection of fact files for replacement, as described above.