Regular Direct Dial Access
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Once your software has been configured for Direct Dial access, you can begin a daily update in either of two ways:

·On the UA toolbar, click the first button (Get Data) downloadico  
·Through the Database menu, select Update Database  

Note that your modem must be plugged into an operable telephone jack and the line must be available for initiating a telephone call.

The Download/Distribution Selection screen displays:


This screen allows you to download and distribute everything in your retrieval category or a subset that can be defined through a list. Select your choice or edit as desired. See the "Download & Distribution Choices" topic for information on editing these choices.

Click [Run] to begin the download.

The communications dialog begins:


The download proceeds with a screen describing the process (exact appearance may vary, depending upon your computer's configuration).


If you must stop a retrieval session before normal termination, click the [Cancel] button. Cancelling the update will lose all data retrieved during the session.

UA automatically proceeds to data distribution after a direct-dial retrieval session.