Customizing Direct Dial Settings
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To use Direct-Dial access, make sure that the "Download Method" specified under "Download Preferences" of UA Preferences is set for "Direct Dial," as shown here:


Then, below Download Preferences, select "Direct Dial" to view the following:


The adjustable settings are:

Phone Number

The phone number shown (probably 1-561-368-5306) is the CSI computer's current telephone number. You may need to make any of the following changes or others as your situation requires. (This entry can hold up to 64 characters):

Phone number tips:  
·Prefix a 9 to dial out on a PBX phone system;  
·Remove the 1 - 561 if it is a local call and these are not needed in your area;  
·Add international dialing codes;  
·Insert a W to pause when needed (required by some older PBX systems);  
·Add calling card numbers to charge the call to a different phone;  
·Disable call waiting with *70 (or your local code) and a few Ws (to pause);  
·Click the arrow at the right of the phone number to display alternate phone numbers in the CSI rotary system. Select any one of these if the default number doesn't work for you.  

Communications Port

This refers to your modem's configuration within Windows. You can find out your Com Port by clicking your Start menu and going to the Control Panel. Double-click the "Network and Internet Communications" entry. In the left-hand column, under "See also," select "Phone and Modem Options," and, finally, click the "Modems" tab. The Com Port for your modem will display.

To adjust the setting in UA, click the arrow next to the selection box (above) to see a menu of possible Com Ports. Select the one that matches your computer's settings.

Baud Rate

This is the speed of data retrieval. Click on the arrow to the right of the text box and select the fastest baud rate your modem supports.


Click [Reset] if needed to restore the default settings for the phone number and baud rate. The COM Port will not automatically reset and must be manually selected..

Click [OK] to save your changes.

Click here for instruction on Regular Direct Dial Access.