Selecting The Install Directory
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This screen allows you to specify where Unfair Advantage and its resident database will be stored on your computer:


The strongly recommended action here is to click [Next], which accepts the default drive and directory.

If you do not accept the default, please note that UA must be stored in its own directory or folder (such as C:\UA), not directly in the root directory (C:\). You may place the software in its own folder anywhere below your computer's "C:" root directory. Examples: "C:\UA" or "C:\Program Files\UA. In other words, placement should be in a directory at a lower level than "C:"

Although you may use any valid drive for storing the UA software, you should NOT store UA in a directory with other programs.

Your choice of installation directory becomes important when and if you ever decide to uninstall Unfair Advantage. The uninstall routine automatically deletes nearly all files within the directory selected here. Installing UA in its own directory also protects all your software from damage caused by common filenames within the different programs.

If you feel you must select another directory, click [Change] and use the directory tree to navigate to the desired folder. Once selected, that folder will be shown in place of \ua\ on the above screen. Please do not attempt to network this product. Our license agreement prohibits networking.

As directed, click [Next] to store UA in the listed folder.

The UA program files and accompanying third-party files (including Perl,
(R) JavaScript,(R) VisualBasic(R) and Borland(R) DBE) will be copied to your drive. When this process is complete, a message displays. Click [OK] to proceed.

This screen will be replaced with the Database Selection screen.