Choosing Database(s) To Install
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The next UA installation screen asks you to choose the databases to install. This refers to the historical data that will be stored on your computer's hard drive. Although the UA CD holds all history on all markets, you will only be able to access and maintain the markets that are installed on your hard drive, and that correspond to your subscription category from CSI.

You selected your subscription category when you signed up for service with the CSI Data Retrieval Service. That category was for retrieval of daily updates of commodities only, stocks and funds only, or a combination of the two. Also upon subscription, you specified your preference for receiving or not receiving options data. If options were requested, a second CD of options data is provided.

It is important to understand that your subscription category controls not only which files are updated on a daily basis, but also which historical data you can access through Unfair Advantage. Please use care in selecting the appropriate database or databases for installation so that your choice corresponds with your selected daily update service through the screen shown here:


If you subscribed to CSI for stocks, funds or both, select "Stock History." Similarly, if you subscribed for commodities only (either domestic or world), select just "Futures History." For all markets, select "Both." If options are part of your subscription category, be sure to check "Option History" by clicking the box. The various databases may be provided on separate disks. You will be prompted to change disks as necessary.

Upon selecting the appropriate database(s), click [OK] to proceed.

If you do not install a necessary database, you can return to this screen later by repeating the installation process, but only within the first month after receiving the software. UA will detect your prior installation and require that you uninstall the software before proceeding. After that installation, you'll need to re-collect daily updates from the date the CD was created (a time-consuming process). If you wish to install a database more than one month after the CD was received, you'll need to order a new CD from CSI. This is necessary because the database you add will need to be brought current and a new CD is the only practical way to accomplish this.

If, upon receiving the UA CD-ROM, you decide to install different databases and change subscription categories, you must notify CSI before your first daily update. If you are unsure of your subscription category or wish to make a change, please call the CSI Bookkeeping Department at 1-561-392-8663. You may also purchase access to additional years of history at any time. The depth of history available is controlled by a switch at CSI, so changes in history start date do not require a new CD.

CSI offers different subscription categories to accommodate the specific needs of our customers. The subscription categories and their prices are listed on CSI's website at

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