Selecting The Portfolio To Install
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UA allows you to maintain multiple portfolios, each of which is a list of normal, computed and/or continuous contracts or stocks, options and funds to be followed on a regular basis. They typically hold the nearby current contracts of several commodities, plus computed contracts such as adjusted continuous and cash. A stock portfolio might list all stocks of interest.

Some software vendors have supplied CSI with specifications to automate portfolio selection. During installation, UA will display a list of vendors who have supplied standardized portfolios. If you use any of the software systems listed, check the appropriate boxes by clicking them, and then click [OK] to proceed. (At this writing, the offerings are One Day at a Time, Vantage Point Natural Order and OmniTrader, but more may be added.) Don't worry if you miss one now; the UA software includes a menu selection to install various vendor-supplied portfolios after installation.


Depending upon the software program(s) you have selected, if any, additional customization screens may display. Please complete the screens as appropriate for your applications.

Sample portfolios are provided to get you started with general charting and analysis. Feel free to use any or all of the portfolios provided with your original CD. The Commodity and Stock Samplers are recommended. The Stock Index Portfolio includes hundreds of stocks and may be cumbersome.


If you don't select any portfolio (above), UA will be installed with no initial portfolio. This might be appropriate if you have saved a portfolio from a previous installation, want to import a portfolio or if you prefer to enter one or more custom portfolios from scratch. However, we recommend you select one for your initial installation. If you start with a sample portfolio, you can later modify it to accommodate your own data requirements.

Don't be too concerned about getting your portfolio exactly right at the beginning. The one you select can be modified at any time, and you can add or delete portfolios as needed. Contracts and stocks that are not in your portfolio can still be viewed through UA. CSI maintains a current portfolio file for each of the above, (and possibly more, in the future) on the CSI website.

Select the portfolio of your choice or leave blank, if desired, then click [OK] to proceed.

The UA files will be decompressed and copied to your hard drive. The copying process may be lengthy (five to ten minutes) and is followed by a message that installation is finished.

Click here for final installation instructions.