Selecting the Version to Install
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When the Unfair Advantage CD first launches on your computer, the Install Switch screen displays offering the choices of installing the current full version, perhaps a Beta Test version, or a Demo version.


Whether you have opened a new account with CSI or are engaging in a free trial, we recommend you install the default (pre-selected) choice, which is first on the list. The version numbers (shown above as X.X.X) will progress to higher numbers as the product matures, functionality improves and features are added.

The Demo Version is similar to the one available from the CSI website. It offers limited access to commodity data. Given a choice of loading a full version or demo version, the full version is almost always your best choice.

A "Beta" (test) copy of an upcoming version may be available, but should be selected only by those who are willing to accept and report unexpected problems. Not recommended for new users!

Click [OK] to proceed with the chosen version.

The InstallShield Wizard for CSI Unfair Advantage will display. Click [Next] to proceed to the License Agreement.

Click here for information about the License Agreement screen.