Getting Started - Installation
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To get started using Unfair Advantage, the first thing you'll need to do is install the software and database. This section of the manual walks you through the installation process.

To begin, simply power up your computer and, with no other programs running, insert the Unfair Advantage CD ROM and close the drive. Most computers are configured to automatically launch the CD and run the InstallShield Wizard for installation.

If the CD does not launch automatically, you can continue installation as follows:

1.Click the Start button, then click Run from the menu.  
2.Click the [Browse] button and then navigate through the folders window to find your CD drive (probably D:, E:, F: or G:). The CD label will say "UA," followed by the specific version number.  
3.Click your CD drive, and from the drive listing, double-click on the program "Setup.exe" (or InstSwit.exe for older versions).  
4.Back in the "Run" box, click [OK] and the installation will proceed.  

If you are re-installing Unfair Advantage from a CD-ROM, you will not be allowed to install the new software until you have uninstalled the previous version. Please read the uninstalling instructions in this manual before uninstalling. DO NOT uninstall when UPGRADING from the website. See the "Upgrading Your UA" in the Software Maintenance chapter for full instructions.

Next, you'll select the version to install.