Third-Party Software
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CSI is proud and pleased to be the data supplier of choice for many well-respected vendors of analysis and market trading software. We service users of these "third-party" programs with quality data and support, including specific information aimed at simplifying the interface between data acquisition and analysis.

Third-party software refers to analysis programs outside of the Unfair Advantage environment, such as MetaStock, VantagePoint, Delta Graphics, One Day at a Time, Excel and other analysis or spreadsheet programs. These third-party programs usually read data files that have been exported by Unfair Advantage. Export format files are placed on your hard drive so that they may be accessed for analysis by your third-party programs. Once these files are written, you may exit UA and perform analysis as directed by the respective software makers.

Analysis software is said to be "compatible" with Unfair Advantage when it can read data files generated by this software. Fortunately, Unfair Advantage can create data files in several different formats that can be read by one analysis product or another. The current formats supported for file creation by Unfair Advantage include:

·ASCII (for use with various spreadsheets or for use in word processing programs)  
·CSIM (for use with older MetaStock-compatible programs)  
·MS (for use with MetaStock)  
·CSI (for use with TradeStation, Vantage Point, Delta Graphics and most third-party analysis programs)  
·UA compressed (can be read by our API)  

Additional formats are under development to further expand flexibility.

Some software programs are so compatible with Unfair Advantage that you don't even see Unfair Advantage running. These programs are our One-Button Update Partners. They can work through either UA's EZ Downloader or through a menu selection within their own software.

If you want to manually customize UA for compatibility with third-party software, you should assure that data files are written to your hard drive in the proper format and location as explained here.

Unfair Advantage will automatically create and maintain export format files that are specified in user portfolios. Users of some programs will have arranged for automated portfolio creation during setup. These portfolios are customized for export without additional manipulation or input from you. See more on "Disappearing Unfair Advantage" in the Analysis Without UA topic.