One-Button Updates
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(A.K.A. Disappearing Unfair Advantage)

CSI's data products are important to the makers of analysis software because traders require accurate, timely market data to fuel their trading systems. Some vendors of market analysis programs have arranged for super-compatibility with CSI, which facilitates retrieval with Unfair Advantage as part of their services. Others use CSI's Unfair Advantage on a limited basis (for just data retrieval).

Many CSI subscribers use Unfair Advantage only for data retrieval, and then use third-party software for market analysis. Some use software that is so seamlessly compatible that they aren't even aware of the transition between the two. For those subscribers who use UA as a mere data conduit, CSI offers One-Button Updates to simplify your life.

One-Button Updates are available in two forms: the CSI Market Data Software, and EZ Downloader.

CSI Market Data Software is for retrieving daily updates from CSI using a program that launches and runs Unfair Advantage in the background. It is activated from a menu prompt included in third-party analysis programs. Our program can be launched from a single button, so refer to the service it provides as One-Button Updates.

So far, this has been distributed with resounding approval by Welles Wilder of Delta Society Int'l in their Delta Graphics programs. Delta Graphics users simply click the "Get CSI Data" prompt on their File menu to retrieve the latest daily update and maintain all required files automatically. From there, analysis on a Delta Society-maintained portfolio is just a few keystrokes away.

These third-party programs have a menu selection, button or screen prompt that initiates a CSI download and then automatically and invisibly uses UA to deliver data and maintain pre-specified portfolios. With this setup, a CSI subscriber can arrange for updates and install the UA software, but subsequently use only the third-party analysis product for daily applications.