Uninstalling & Reinstalling UA
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Any time you install or uninstall software, unexpected problems can occur. We urge you to back up your hard drive (or sensitive applications and documents) before installing or uninstalling any software. You are solely responsible for protecting your computer system, software and data. CSI will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from or in connection with your using, modifying, or removing any software.


There are two reasons for uninstalling Unfair Advantage. One is that you wish to replace the software with a newer version that you received on CD ROM, and the other is termination of service. DO NOT uninstall UA when updating the software from the website. Each of the reasons for uninstalling UA requires a different procedure, so they are discussed separately below:

Uninstalling before upgrading Unfair Advantage

It is not necessary to manually uninstall UA before installing a new version from a CD, as the installation routine will automatically prompt you through the process of uninstalling before it allows you to install the new version. You should, however, back up your Unfair Advantage before any upgrade. See the Backing Up Your UA topic for instructions on the backup, and then Upgrading Your UA for further instructions.

Uninstalling UA upon account termination

Upon termination of a CSI account, you may delete the software and accompanying database to free up space on your computer. Note that you should only use the Uninstall routine if UA was properly installed in its own directory, not the root directory. Here's how:

1. Quit all programs.

2. Click Start and move to "My Computer."

3. Under "System Tasks" in the left window, click "Add or Remove Programs." A list of installed programs will display.

4. Click "CSI Unfair Advantage version xx." (Your version number will replace xx.)

5) Click the "Change/Remove" button. Your drive will be searched and then your Unfair Advantage software will be listed.

6) Click the software name and then click the [Remove] button. You'll be instructed to reboot your computer to complete the process.

Reinstalling UA from your original CD


If you have a problem with your initial installation of UA, you may reinstall the software from the original CD-ROM; however, this may only be done within the two-month period following shipment of the CD from CSI. Reinstalling from your original CD after that time will permanently corrupt your database because it will be outdated beyond UA's updating window. Whenever you receive a new CD ROM of Unfair Advantage from CSI, it should be installed immediately using the procedure outlined below.

The following steps should be taken to assure proper re-installation of UA:

1. Shut down and restart your computer.

2. Preserve a backup copy of the \UA folder by renaming it \UAbackup or \UA2 folder.

3. Install UA from your CD as described in the Getting Started chapter.

4. Shut down and restart your computer again.

5. If you preserved a backup copy, you can use your previously listed portfolio by copying the file ARCHIVES\PORTFILE.ADM from the \UA2 or \UAbackup folder to the \UA\ARCHIVES folder.

6. Reinstalling from a CD will lock the UA database. Collect a daily update to unlock the database and bring files current. This may be a lengthy download if much time has passed since the time the CD was created.