Access Times & Frequency
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The timing of your daily update can have an important impact on the quantity and quality of the data you receive. Calling for data before an exchange has been posted will result in an incomplete download. Since you may call for data as frequently as desired (so long as each call comes from the same computer), you may update your UA database two or more times every evening without paying extra fees. The first call might allow you to view early reports from overseas markets or to prepare for the next day's trading with preliminary stock data, and subsequent calls would fill in any missing or flawed entries that may have resulted from early or preliminary updates.

To view an interactive online report of exactly which market categories have been updated, click Unfair Advantage's "Database" menu and select "View Posting Status." This will direct your web browser to the "Data Release Schedule and Posting Status" page on the CSI website. You can also browse to this page on the CSI website by visiting

Preliminary Data

The CSI database receives preliminary stock data via satellite (weather permitting) between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. daily, an hour or more before the official release at around 7:00 to 7:15 p.m. Because preliminary data has not been scrupulously checked by CSI before posting, it is not unlikely that some corrections and revisions will take place before the official release. Preliminary stock data will be revised as necessary in subsequent updates. Even with preliminary updates, a nearly flawless historical database is assured through subsequent downloads once CSI's data checking efforts are complete. If an update is not made after the final posting on a given day, the following day's update will correct missing or flawed data from an early update on the previous day.

Preliminary stock data is offered in response to customer demand. It is considered to be conditional, at best. Because of this, customers should act only on the official data. No trade orders should be placed without confirmation of the "official" quote after the official release time and without confirmation from your broker.

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