Customer Support
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CSI offers support for Unfair Advantage users in many ways:

1) QuickStart Manual - Unfair Advantage comes with a QuickStart manual to help you get up and running quickly. It may be supplied as a .pdf (Acrobat Reader) file on the installation disk or in printed form. When supplied in digital form, the QuickStart manual can be viewed and/or printed from the Setup Menu.

2) What's This? (Help) - UA provides Interactive Help with automatic links to the manual. To learn about a topic directly from your UA screen, click the "What's This?" button on the toolbar and then click your mouse on the screen prompt or menu selection you want to learn about. There's also an interactive link to "Help" for every menu through the "Need Help" selection found at the bottom of the major menus.

3) Online Manual (Help) - Unfair Advantage comes with a complete online manual that you can read from your computer screen as a Help file. To view, click the Help menu from the main UA menu, and then click "Help" button. A pop-up Help window displays with manual text. Click the [Contents] box at the top of the Help window for a full listing of the manual content. You may search for a given topic by clicking the [Index] box and typing your search key. Double-click any chapter or topic to reveal its content.

4) Online Help - Current Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) and notices are posted on the CSI website at
. The Tech Talk column of our monthly newsletter (also on the web) often provides quick solutions to problems.

5) Software Upgrades - Periodic Upgrades
are made available, usually at no charge, on our website. Downloading a software upgrade on the CSI website at can sometimes solve problems that have already been discovered and fixed by the CSI software development team. Each upgrade includes a description of current capabilities, as well as known problems with the release. If you would like to have Unfair Advantage automatically check for upgrades each time you start the program, this can be arranged through UA Preferences.

6) Market Specifications - Background information is at your fingertips. Unfair Advantage's Market Specifications include footnotes that explain data anomalies that might cause concern. Click here to view the market specs page.

7) E-mail Support - We offer an e-mail technical support system for questions and comments. The simplest way to send an e-mail that contains important information about your CSI account is to click "E-mail your question" from the Unfair Advantage "Help" menu. You can also contact our service staff at
. These e-mails are usually answered within the same day. Please see below for a list of information you can supply to expedite a timely resolution.

8) Technical Support Staff - Our friendly, knowledgeable technical support staff is available for telephone support from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (eastern time) Monday - Friday, except on major holidays. There is no charge for contacting our service staff.

Our staff strives to identify and correct any error associated with our software and service, but we sometimes need enough information to reproduce a problem before we can fix it. Please gather the information below before contacting customer service about a possible software error:

·Your User ID (automatically supplied when reporting an error through the Help menu)  
·Your Windows Version (automatically supplied when reporting an error through the Help menu)  
·Your UA version number (automatically supplied when reporting an error through the Help menu)  
·The exact wording of any error message  
·The name of the active window at the time of the problem  
·The conditions when the error occurred  
·A list of steps that led to the problem  
·A detailed description of what has been tried so far.  

The Customer Support Telephone Number is 1 (561) 392-8663.

Please use CSI support services in the order presented above, with exceptions as needed for urgent situations. Please use the reference materials provided and consult our website for remedies before contacting the support staff for assistance. Use e-mail for reporting non-urgent programming bugs. In this way, we can provide the best service possible to all our customers, and assure that our staff is available for you when you need us most.

This topic completes the "Introduction to UA" chapter.

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