Using UA with 3rd-Party Software
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Unfair Advantage includes a simple interface for easy compatibility with your favorite investment program. It can easily write files in ASCII text or in the CSI (QuickTrieveâ) format, MetaStockÒ (MS) format, the CSIM format (a CSI-engineered alternative for compatibility with older MetaStock-compatible programs) and Excel format.

See the Third-Party Software chapter of this manual for full details on how this is handled. It includes tips and suggestions for assuring compatibility.

Many third-party software producers use CSI's EZ Downloader or our CSI Market Data program for One-Button access of data from CSI. These retrieve data seamlessly, with only background (invisible) use of Unfair Advantage. See the One-Button Updates chapter for details.

Click here to learn about Data Access Times and Accessing Frequency.