Chart Interpretation & Manipulation
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Once you have created chart by selecting it from a portfolio, clicking your choice in Market Specs or creating a new chart from scratch, you are ready to get on with interpretation and analysis as explained here. Click the topic of your choice from the selections below:
·Interpreting a Chart  
·Adjusting Date Range  
·Tracker with Readout  
·Viewing Table Data  
·Editing Charts  
·Adding Days  
·Mark as Holiday  
·Adjusting Screens & Windows  
·Switching Charts  
·Save to Portfolio  
·Adding/Saving a Study  
·Using the Indicator Menu  
·Using the Study Toolbar  
·Chart Tools  
·Removing Studies  

Further Resources

The UA Charts chapter also includes information on Charting Preferences. These are the user-defined settings that affect the way your UA charts are displayed. We suggest you review these to gain a full understanding of available features.

Much can be done to customize charts through the Chart Menu.

Please also read about the Right-Click Menu, which offers easy access to a host of charting features.

Beyond basic charting, you will probably be interested to read about analysis techniques as described in the Interpreted Studies chapter.