Customizing Internet Access
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For an Internet retrieval session, make sure "Internet" is listed as your Download Method under "Download Preferences" of UA Preferences as shown here:


Also make sure your Internet connection is available at the time of data retrieval.

Unfair Advantage comes to you optimized for accessing data from the CSI host computer; however, if you experience difficulties, you may be instructed by a CSI representative to make changes to Internet Settings. Use the following screen, which is accessed by selecting "Preferences" from the UA main menu and then selecting "Internet" from "Download Preferences."

Each of the Server Names and Port Numbers on this screen is optimized for accessing CSI's host computer. Please do not change them unless you are asked to do so by CSI.



The [Reset] button resets your connection to the server and can salvage an otherwise unsuccessful download attempt. If you experience a problem with the download but are still online, click the [Reset] button and then try to download again.

Click [OK] to accept your changes or [Cancel] to exit without making or saving changes.

Click here for instructions on Regular Internet Access.