Regular Internet Access
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You may begin daily updates in either of two ways:

·On the UA toolbar, click the first button (Get Data) downloadico  
·Through the Database menu, click "Update Database."  

The Download/Distribution Selection screen displays:


This screen allows you to download and distribute everything in your retrieval category or a subset that can be defined through a list. Select your choice or edit as desired. See the "Download & Distribution Choices" topic for information on editing these choices.

Click [Run] to begin the download.

Next, the Download Data Communication Settings screen will display with an "Internet Download" confirmation box as shown:


Unfair Advantage will begin the transmission to bring your full database current. You may monitor the progress through the "so far" indicator at the bottom of the window. The example above was made at the very beginning of a transmission, so it shows just 1K of data transferred so far.

Skip Server

If you experience repeated communications failures, a temporary hardware problem at CSI could be the cause. Click [Skip Server] so that UA will attempt to retrieve data through one of the secondary or backup servers listed in your Internet Access settings.


Click Cancel to stop the transmission. UA will not save or process partial downloads, so the current retrieval session will be repeated on your next update.

UA automatically proceeds to data distribution after an Internet retrieval session.