Get Data (Browser)
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3) Download Quotes

Once your software has been configured for Browser access and your computer is online, you can begin a daily update in either of two ways:
·On the toolbar, click the first button. (Get Data) downloadico  
·Through the Database menu, click Update Database.  

The Download/Distribution Selection screen displays:


This screen allows you to download and distribute everything in your retrieval category or a subset that can be defined through a list. Select your choice or edit as desired. See the "Download & Distribution Choices" topic for information on editing these choices.

Click [Run] to begin the download.

If you're using the simplest browser technique: Ask browser to fetch URL ("…"), then the retrieval session should proceed immediately and you'll be asked your preferences for saving the file (see below).

If your selected browser technique was: Just paste URL ("…") to the clipboard, then you have more work to do. Use the getting online instructions (above), but do not return to the UA screen. Instead, at your Internet Home Page, place the cursor in the Address text box (or URL Address box) and click. This will select the text as shown in the example below, which was made using Microsoft's Internet Explorer:


Next, hold down the <Ctrl> key on your computer's keyboard and press the letter V. This pastes the necessary information for your update into the URL Address box:


Press <Enter> to proceed with data retrieval. Next you'll be asked about saving the file.