Save File (Browser)
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4) Save the File

When UA contacts the CSI host computer and requests the file for download, you must respond by selecting the proper dispensation of the file. The File Download prompt will display: (Yours may not look just like this, but that's OK.)


Do NOT open the file. Make sure "Save" or "Save this file to disk" is selected. If you are not using Internet Explorer, your screen will be similar to this and offer similar options. The exact wording is not important; just make sure you save the file!

Upon indicating that you want to save the file, a "Save As" screen asking for the file name and location displays:


You must save your file in the UA directory with the filename:

The folder for saving the file is important! Your browser may attempt to save the file in the briefcase, desk top or other inappropriate location on your drive. If this occurs, click the arrow symbol at the right of the default directory to drop down a menu of other locations. Double-click the drive letter of your hard drive (probably C:) and look for the \UA folder. When you find the UA folder, double-click it to produce the proper screen for saving your file (above).

Click [Save] to proceed.

You may be warned that you are overwriting an existing file. That's not normally a problem.* Just click [OK]. The data transfer begins.

During the data transfer, you'll get a report on how much data has been transmitted and exactly where it is going. When the download is complete (as indicated by a screen message), click [Close]. Do NOT open the file or folder. You can automate this step for future updates by clicking the box to "Close this dialog box when download completes."

After the data transfer using Browser access, you must manually distribute the data to your compressed files as described in the next topic.

Disconnecting from the phone line or Internet Connection

You may disconnect the telephone or Internet connection at any time after the download is complete. This will be useful iIf you need to minimize online time because of by-the-minute wireless telephone charges or similar situations.

*Unfair Advantage overwrites the daily transmission file ( each day to make efficient use of your computer's disk space. If you have a specific reason to save an update file (UA does not require this), you may do so by renaming it after data distribution and before your next retrieval session. A unique filename is required for each file that is to be saved.