News Headlines
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By default, UA quickly takes you to the News Headlines page of CSI's website during data distribution. This gives you something to look at during what may be a lengthy process. The News Headlines page shows investment-related news stories and may also identify exchange holidays, making it easy to recognize voids caused by holidays around the world.

If you are interested in the stories mentioned there, simply click on the links to view. These links connect to third-party websites and are temporary. If you want to return to a story, please bookmark it or, better yet, save as a document.


If you would prefer to skip this step in future updates, turn the feature off through the Distribution 1 tab of General Program Settings, from the Preferences menu. This feature involves accessing the CSI website for the latest headlines, so if it is selected, the software will attempt to contact the website during the distribution process.

Scroll down past the headlines to "View Tomorrow's Newspaper," which is an assortment of market summaries and correlation tables.

Click here for a brief overview of this feature.