Tomorrow's Newspaper
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The prompt to view Tomorrow's Newspaper (Online Newspaper) does not display.

The prompt to "View Tomorrow's Newspaper" automatically displays after each daily update with Unfair Advantage if your software is set to display news headlines from the CSI website. You can adjust this setting through the UA "Options" menu under "General Settings." Click the "Daily Distribution" tab and make sure "Display Daily News File Through Browser" is checked. Click [OK] to save your change. The Online Newspaper prompt follows the daily headlines. You may need to scroll down to see it.

The Online Newspaper will not display. A message saying "HTTP1.1 401 Unauthorized" appears.

Only those CSI subscribers who have enrolled in the premium "Tomorrow's Newspaper" service are authorized to view the Online Newspaper. If you have already arranged to access this data, then the error message results from an improper setting in Internet Explorer. Follow these steps to correct it:

1) When you see the error message saying "HTTP1.1 401 Unauthorized," click the "Tools" menu at the top of your screen. 2) From the pull-down Tools menu, click "Internet Options." 3) Click the "Security" tab, and then, on the "Security" screen, click the [Custom Level…] button. 4) Scroll down to the "User Authentication - Logon" selection near the bottom of the list. You'll see that "Anonymous logon" has been selected, which is the cause of your problem. Select the "Prompt for User Name and Password" option instead. 5) Click OK as necessary to exit the Tools area. The error message will redisplay. 6) Click the "Refresh" icon on your Internet Explorer toolbar or press <F5>. The "Enter Network Password" screen will display, where you can type your CSI User ID and Password as described above.

These instructions (complete with graphic displays) are repeated on the CSI website. Reach them by clicking "Troubleshooting" near the bottom of the standard "News Headlines" screen.