Updating the Online Manual
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Updated digital versions of the Unfair Advantage manual are posted on the CSI website periodically. You may view or download new versions as they become available (to match your current UA). Any time your UA screens do not match the writeup in your current manual, check the digital version for revisions.

CSI now offers an automated method for finding and installing the latest copy of the interactive online manual. See the Download Replacement Files topic in the Data Resources chapter for information.

You can also find the latest manual on the CSI website at www.csidata.com. From the website's main menu on the left, select "Documentation" under Customer Support. Several manual choices are available:

·The one identified as "Online Manual" can be read and searched directly from the website.  
·The ones that will replace the interactive manual which is accessed by UA are identified as "uaman.zip" and "uaman.chm." Both are compressed and must be extracted prior to use.  
·The "uaman.pdf" version is for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader.