Market Data Unfair Advantage Posting Status Robert 2016

Unfair Advantage build x.104 available

Unfair Advantage x.104 build


  • Handles option data implied 1/2’s precision on 2’s and 7’s.
  • Allows extended use beyond the 2 month inactivity barrier by operating on demand, no longer requiring a new install.

Unfair Advantage version 2.10.7 build history

Unfair Advantage x.103 build was not released. (only Beta testing)

Unfair Advantage x.102 build


  • UA Now Handles Regional Excel Number Format Dependencies When Appending I.E. German
    (1000.50 Is Translated To 1000,50).
  • UA Now Reports Literal Put/Call Vol And OI Ratios In Put/Call Requests.
  • UA Now Provides A Utility To Normalize Pit/Electronic Combined Symbol Standards (Preferences | Market Spec).
  • CSI Data Posting Status Is Now Monitored And Visible In The Status Bar.

Unfair Advantage x.101 build was not released. (only Beta testing)

Unfair Advantage x.100 build


  • AmiBroker data is exported in maximum precision for stocks, but exports Portfolio specified data in precision defined by each portfolio’s Round to Nearest Tick setting.

Unfair Advantage x.99


  • Restored multiple indicator per chart pane capabilities.

Unfair Advantage build x.98


  • AmiBroker data is refreshed to handle backadjusted changes in data.

Unfair Advantage version 2.10.7

Known problems:

  • Creating large portfolios in MS Format is very time consuming relative to the compatible CSIM format.


  • New setting: Omit C and Y in Ascii filename for Cash/Forward markets. Defaults to previous output to
    include C and Y. Edit Portfolio | Ascii Filenames.
  • New setting: Allows stock splits to be applied either when the actual split date arrives, or on the day before,
    when the split is reported. The setting is in Preferences Historical Adjustments to the right of the Adjust for
    Splits option. It defaults to wait until the next day when the actual data for the day of the split is reported when updating.
  • Requesting charts from factsheet now displays full allowable history.
  • Monthly Consolidation process has been eliminated.
  • Automatically retrieves new stock/futures history on new and exisitng markets as newly researched data
    becomes available.
  • Refreshing Price History has been optimized.
  • Portfolio columns and sort order configuration is saved.
  • Consumes 80% less RAM memory.
  • Newly Designed Fact Sheet.
  • CSI Qmasters preserved in unappended directories.
  • LME Nickel now adjusted against Sterling prior to 19880201.
  • Charts display particular adjustments applied ( Splits, Dividends, Capital Gains, Proportionately ).
  • Data Wizard works with new factsheet accordingly.
  • New XML based API calls:
    – GetFirstSubscriberMarket
    – GetNextSubscriberMarket
  • New API call GetFastMarketProfile().