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Options History

CSI offers options price history via FTP download. The data includes the strike, Put/Call flag, delivery month, open, high, low, close, volume, and open interest in csv format*. The pricing is $125.00 per year per index and/or future. 5 year minimum order applies per future or index. There are NO REFUNDS for historical data; All sales are final.

To place your order, please call us at (800)274-4727 or (561)392-8663 weekdays between 9am and 6pm Eastern time.

Type Inventory List Data Examples Format
Futures Options View Factsheet Comex Gold Options ( View Format Specs
Stock Options View Factsheet S&P 500 Index Options ( View Format Specs

The data is broken down as follows: Each Delivery month/Delivery year will have a subdirectory. For example, all Dec 2002 strikes will be in the directory 200212. Within each directory, each strike price will be contained in one file. For example, all of the data for Dec 2002 Put at strike price 1600 is in the file P01600.CSV under the subdirectory 200212.

If a particular strike settles at a nominal (or “cabinet”) minimum value and has no volume or open interest then CSI does not report the price. If a strike settles at nominal but has any prior day volume or outstanding oi then CSI will report the nominal price.

*Opens are only available after 7/1/2021.


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