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Technical Journal Archive

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2006 Issues

July 2006 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Exploring Trading Opportunities Through The CSI Market Data Service
  • Speed Enhancement

June 2006 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Trading Negatively Correlated Markets to Achieve Positive Profits
  • What is a Z-Score?
  • Larger CSI numbers are coming!
  • Speed Enhancement
  • Sierra Hotel

May 2006 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Engineering a Low-Risk Portfolio

April 2006 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Minimizing Trading Risk Through Portfolio Management
  • Sierra Hotel -Trading System Available from CSI

March 2006 Online Journal  .PDF

  • More CSI Tools for Better Trading
  • Compatibility Corner: Trading Blox
  • Tech Talk
  • CSI Unaffected by NASDAQ Blunder
  • Conversion Factor Changes

February 2006 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Holiday Schedule
  • CSI’s Tools for Better Trading
  • Tech Talk
  • Ramping Up the Speed

January 2006 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Advantages You Can’t Afford to Miss
  • Tech Talk

2005 Issues

November/December 2005 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Futures, Forwards, and FOREX – Understanding the Perils and Profit Potential
  • Advertising Opportunity
  • VantagePoint News
  • Tech Talk

October 2005 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Advertising Opportunity
  • Like Dew or a Dragnet, CSI Covers World Markets
  • Tech Talk

September 2005 Online Journal  .PDF

  • The Truth About Betas
  • Tech Talk

August 2005 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Viva Unfair Advantage!
  • Tech Talk
  • Beta Test Opportunity

July 2005 Online Journal  .PDF

  • How Data and Trading Methodology are Linked to Profits
  • 10 Fundamental Influences to Watch
  • New Markets for VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software
  • Mini Tech Talk
  • Backup Server Notice

June 2005 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Let’s Play Ball. How’s Your Lineup?
  • Put/Call Ratio Data Coming Soon
  • COT Data Timing

May 2005 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Index of Tech Talk Questions from CSI Technical Journals (Jan 2002 – March 2005)

April 2005 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Annotated Index of CSI Technical Journals – (Jan 2002 – March 2005)

March 2005 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Focusing on Economics – Combining Econometric Resources with UA Market Data for Long-Term Trading Success

February 2005 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Position Trading or Day Trading? Finding The Approach That Works For You

January 2005 Online Journal

  • Learn To Earn With Unfair Advantage
  • Tech Talk

2004 Issues

December 2004 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Prediction or Coincidence? Successful Trading Systems Require Logical Conclusions
  • Tech Talk
  • New One-Button Update Partners
  • Breaking News: Additions to the Commodity Database

November 2004 Online Journal  .PDF

  • De-Mystifying Analysis Code With Unfair Advantage’s® “AnyLanguage”
  • Tech Talk

October 2004 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Hurricane Season at CSI
  • Tech Talk
  • Button, Button – Who’s Got the Button?

September 2004 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Eight Great Dog Day Activities
  • Tech Talk
  • Important Notice About Intraday Updates

August 2004 Online Journal  .PDF

  • Market Statistics Supplement

July 2004 Online Journal  .PDF

  • CSI Market Data Software – A Compatibility Breakthrough!
  • Tech Talk

June 2004 Online Journal

  • Should CSI Add Real-Time Analysis Services?
  • Valuable Indexes Now Available
  • Tech Talk

May 2004 Online Journal

  • Seeking Wisdom In Intermarket Correlation Reports

April 2004 Online Journal

  • A Historical Account of the World’s Premier Data Repository
  • Notice of Price Increase For Stock, Mutual Fund And LME Data
  • Tech Talk

March 2004 Online Journal

  • Accelerating Data Distribution with Unfair Advantage®
  • Tech Talk

February 2004 Online Journal  .PDF

  • How Knowledge and a Depth of Intermarket Data Can Translate Into Profits
  • New Web-Based Service
  • Tech Talk

January 2004 Online Journal

  • Extracting Knowledge From Data
  • Tech Talk

2003 Issues

December 2003 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • An Unfair Advantage® Guided Tour
  • Tech Talk

Novemeber 2003 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • SEC Grants Nasdaq Undue Rule Change – Investor Access to Data Threatened
  • Dow Jones Turning Point Chart
  • Tech Talk

October 2003 Online Journal

  • A Military Approach to Tracking Down Profits and Using Computers to Enhance the Art of Analysis
  • Tech Talk

September 2003 Online Journal

  • Tracking Your Investments With Position Manager
  • Unfair Advantage is Getting A New Look!
  • Tech Talk

August 2003 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • The CSI Database on CD-ROM
  • CD History or Unfair Advantage – Which is right for you?
  • Tech Talk

July 2003 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Building Your Knowledge Base
  • Tech Talk

June 2003 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Expanded Focus Delays PDI (An Update)
  • Who Owns Perpetual Contract® Data?
  • Tech Talk

May 2003 Online Journal

  • Tips for Unfair Advantage® Users
  • Tech Talk
  • New Markets for VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software

April 2003 Online Journal

  • This Season’s Changes at CSI
  • Tech Talk

March 2003 Online Journal

  • Exploring Development Opportunities for Profit
  • Notice about Government Data
  • Notice to Options Users
  • Tech Talk

February 2003 Online Journal

  • Stock Fundamentals Help Secure Your Advantage
  • Tech Talk

January 2003 Online Journal

  • Déjà Vu? The Return of PDI
  • Tech Talk

2002 Issues

December 2002 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Making Futures Markets Look Like Stocks
  • Tech Talk

November 2002 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Tracking Your Market Holdings Minute-by-Minute Throughout the Trading Day

October 2002 Online Journal

  • Prove Your Trading Methods to Balance Risk and Reap Rewards
  • Position Manager

September 2002 Online Journal

  • New Internet Service Choices. Are You Enjoying The Faster Connections?
  • Position Manager Delayed
  • Transitioning to CSI’s New Pricing Policies

August 2002 Online Journal

  • How Futures Information Can Help to Lower Stock Investment Risk
  • Position Manager Coming Soon to UA

July 2002 Online Journal

  • Trading for a Living and Keeping the Profits

June 2002 Online Journal

  • Basic Rules for Building a High-Performance Trading System
  • A Chance Encounter
  • More on Trading Systems

May 2002 Online Journal

  • MarketScanner Tutorial: Using the Emerging Market Study
  • Single Stock Futures are Coming!
  • Aberration: An Unconventional Find

April 2002 Online Journal

  • Does OPEC Really Control the Price of Oil?
  • Point of View on VantagePoint

March 2002 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Assessing the Economic Effects of U.S. Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  • More on Spread Strategies

February 2002 Online Journal

  • Viewing Tomorrow’s Newspaper Today
  • Important Notice About Mutual Fund Data

January 2002 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Profiting from CSI’s Data Processing Laboratory
  • A New Cache of Currencies

2001 Issues

December 2001 Online Journal

  • Thirty Months of CSI Technical Journals

November 2001 Online Journal

  • Examining Seasonal Tendencies To Uncover Clues in Historical Data Reserves

October 2001 Online Journal

  • Pearl Harbor Revisited?
  • Unfair Advantage’s Adjustments in Action
  • Compatible Software Profile: Elliottician

September 2001 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Using Options to Take the Sting Out of a Down Market

August 2001 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • CSI’s Formula For Data Perfection

July 2001 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Computed Contracts Get Real
  • Latest version of our standard back adjuster software

June 2001 Online Journal

  • Important Notice
  • Unfair Advantage Outpaces the Rest
  • Attention Delta Graphics Users

May 2001 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Stock Futures: Investing with a 21st Century Twist
  • Database Enhancements

April 2001 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • A Comparison: Futures vs. Stocks in a Volatile Market

March 2001 Online Journal

  • A User’s Guide to Unfair Advantage® v. 2.3
  • Summary of UA’s Economic Database

February 2001 Online Journal

  • Engaging Unfair Advantage’s® MarketScanner to Find Solid Trading Opportunities

Jan 2001 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Adding the Perl Language to Your Set of Programming Tools

2000 Issues

December 2000 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Detecting Emerging Market Opportunities in Stocks and Futures With MarketScanner

November 2000 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • TSPE Tutorial

October 2000 Online Journal

  • Defining The Trading Day on U.S. Security Exchanges

September 2000 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Decimalization of the U.S stock markets
  • In Search of a Sure Thing

August 2000 Online Journal

  • Optimization, Verification, Certification and other Perils
  • A Message from UA Developer Steven Davis
  • COT Survey Update

July 2000 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • CSI Users Perform Custom Studies with UA’s Stock Scanner
  • Sample Programs In Perl
  • Government Survey Seeks Input on COT Data

June 2000 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Low Margins and Improved Tools Fuel Futures Speculation
  • Become a CSI Business Associate and earn substantial referral fees
  • Stock Scanner T v.2.2 Coming in July
  • Uncovering Market Secrets with VantagePoint

May 2000 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • The Quick Route to UA Charting (A Navigational Guide)
  • Searching for Data in all the Right Places
  • Commitment of Traders Data Feed is Here!
  • Attention QuickTrieve Users – The Adjust File Is Gone!

April 2000 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Breaking Out of the Mold for Better Trading
  • A CSI Customer Reveals Omega’s “UnfairBurdens”
  • Notice of Price Change for UA World Futures Data
  • Quickly Charting Thousands of Stocks with UA
  • Automatic E-Mail Invoicing and Technical Journals Now Available

March 2000 Online Journal

  • Unfair Advantage Update
  • Advice for Business partners
  • CSI’s Data Services
  • Recognizing Formula Research

February 2000 Online Journal

  • Note from the Editor
  • Screening Equities with UA Stock Scanner
  • TSPE: Goal Selection and Chart Interpretation
  • Delta Society Software in the Spotlight
  • Y2K Compliance Status Report

January 2000 Online Journal

  • Studying the Anatomy and the Dangers of TradeStation®
  • Unfair Advantage® for the 21st Century

1999 Issues

December 1999 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Beyond 2000i and Trading System Certification

November 1999 Online Journal

  • Holiday Schedule
  • Revisiting CSI’s Trading System Performance Evaluator
  • Using CSI Data with Omega’s RadarScreen
  • We’re Ready for 6% T. Bonds and Notes

October 1999 Online Journal

  • Why Clean Data is a Mandatory Pre-Analysis Step

September 1999 Online Journal

  • The Impact and Influence of the Federal Reserve System on the U.S. Economy-1999

August 1999 Online Journal

  • Capturing Intermarket Trading Opportunities

July 1999 Online Journal

  • The MultiMarket Analyzer: Stretching, Unstretching and Leading the Way!

June 1999 Online Journal

  • Perpetual Contract Data

May 1999 Online Journal

  • Snapshots From the Turn of the Century
  • IPE Data Available Early Again!
  • More Comprehensive Overseas Coverage

April 1999 Online Journal

  • Correlation is the Key to UA’s New Studies: Part 1 of 2
  • The Beneficial Side Effects of Adding Stocks To UA

March 1999 Online Journal

  • Coping in the Information Age
  • Data Release Schedule
  • IPE and LSE Update
  • CSIMillennium (CSIM) Format with CSI Y2K Extensions

February 1999 Online Journal

  • The Truth About Data
  • Soaring Stock Market Calls for CSI Format Change

January 1999 Online Journal

  • IPE Brent Crude Data Mirrors NYMEX Light Crude
  • Concerned Users of the MetaStock® Format
  • S&C’s Winner is Software Developers’ Choice
  • Holiday Schedule

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