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Letter from the CEO

Robert Pelletier
Robert Pelletier, Founder of CSI

A personal message from CSI’s C.E.O.:

     Thirty-two years ago, CSI was formed with the
goal of helping futures traders with their investment pursuits through the
innovative use of computers. Back then, we had a rack computer system (thought,
at the time, to be quite powerful), a carefully collected archive of market
data and exciting new trading ideas. We’ve come a long way from the small
advisory firm we were in 1970, but our goals are much the same.

     Today, CSI is the most respected day-end market
information service in the world and we are the commercial supplier of choice
to most worldwide data vendors for stocks, futures, funds, options, economic
data and indices. Throughout our long history of providing stable, reliable
database services, our goal and our passion has been to produce an immaculate
database with innovative software to help traders make the most of their

     Few companies have so thoroughly and consistently
helped traders stay in touch with the unfolding progress of business and the
world economy. Using our Unfair Advantage® software, customers can not only
update the database shortly after the close of each market, but also track the
valuations of their investments throughout the day. The software allows you to
chart, study and analyze market data using typical studies or ingenious tools
created and designed by our staff of talented software engineers. We are also
proud to maintain compatibility with other leaders in the investment industry,
thus providing data to users of dozens of analysis products.

     Whether you control a portfolio of futures
contracts or a basket of stocks, or if you simply hold a single mutual fund in
your retirement account, the knowledge and perspective you gain through CSI’s
services can help you make the right investment decisions. The market value you
protect through proper account management can easily dwarf the small cost of
maintaining this priceless service. CSI’s data products offer proven and
unrivaled accuracy at a fraction of the cost of our most prestigious
competitors, and at rates that are remarkably similar to those of less
qualified data vendors.

     As you browse through the enclosed material, you
will come to know why we are respected for much more than market data. We very
much look forward to serving you. Please consider signing up today.

Sincerely yours,
Bob Pelletier