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Download Unfair Advantage

See tools, resources, and installation notes at the bottom of this page.

Latest Unfair Advantage “Data on Demand” Version

Futures, Stocks, Options
This version of CSI’s Unfair Advantage downloads historical data to your computer from our servers as you request the symbols you’re interested in, and then updates them from that point on. This makes the installation process much easier by eliminating the need to download the entire database associated with the data package you have subscribed to:

Current Unfair Advantage Version 2.10.8 (Software + Database)

Futures Package
Stocks & Futures Package
Options, Stocks, & Futures

Upgrade to Version 2.10.8 (Software Only)

Click here for installation instructions.
Note: Before you patch make sure you have UA v2.10.4 or above, with its database, previously installed.

Tools and Resources

  • Click here for UA re-installation instructions.
  • Portfolio Updates – Downloadable portfolios for use with third party software.
  • UA Uninstall Registry Removal Tool – If you are unable to uninstall UA, please follow the directions here.
  • UA Version History – View known problems and program changes for past versions.
  • Free Download Manager – If you are having trouble downloading the large UA setup files, you may wish to use this utility. Download managers are not made or provided by CSI, so please use at your own risk.

Installation Notes

UA is undergoing some rapid changes and seemingly unrelated features are sometimes broken or behave differently than expected.

  • Be sure to always uninstall your previous version and make a backup copy your UA directory (normally copy c:\ua to c:\oldua).
  • Always uninstall your old version before installing the new version.
  • After the installation, a successful data download is necessary to gain total access to market history.
  • Up to a $25.00 charge for replacement discs may apply. A download from our website is always FREE.
  • For build upgrades only: Running UA loads certain DLL files into your computer’s memory, which may be replaced in the newer builds. To assure that outdated DLL files do not interfere with UA, please shut down Unfair Advantage before running the upgrade.

Important Uninstall Notice

UA’s uninstall function should only be used if UA is stored in it’s own subdirectory (probably C:\UA). Do not use uninstall if the software was installed in the root directory on any of your drives (ex. c:\ or d:\). Always back up your hard drive before uninstalling any software products from your computer.