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UA Files

If Customer Service has directed you to refresh a market summary data file (an archives file), use this page to download the latest (updated as of yesterday) market summary data files. In each case, to overwrite your current market summary data file, right click on the link below and choose either “Save Target As …” or “Save Link Target As …”. Find the c:\ua\archives folder on your harddrive (If you choose the default UA installation directory of c:\ua) and press the “OK” or “Save” button.

  • alertcal.adm – The Alerts Calendar file provides information about important upcoming events such as holidays.
  • cdbadjst.adm – The Commodity Database Adjustment file provides the historical adjustments needed to bring historical commodity data into current terms. (For example, contract quality changes.)
  • cdbfacts.adm – The Commodity Factsheet file provides a list of all of the Commodity and Cash markets followed by Unfair Advantage.
  • cdbnotes.adm – The Commodity Database Note file provides notes of interests which often explain anomolous, but accurate data.
  • CmdGroup.adm – The Commodity group classifications are stored in this file.
  • Events.adm (Updated 1/10/12 ¬†with all 2012 holidays) – This file contains historical events of interest such as exchanges being shutdown which help to understand the historical data. For UA versions released prior to 2005, download and place this newer file in your ua/archives directory which will overwrite the old file.
  • ExchList.adm – This file is encrypted and contains specifics about Exchanges available under Unfair Advantage.
  • IndGroup.adm – The IndGroup file contains the Industry Group Names.
  • sdbfact2.adm – The Stock Database Factsheet file provides a wealth of information about stocks accessible in Unfair Advantage.
  • sdbnotes.adm – This file contains any notes of interest about historical stock behavior. (Currently empty.)
  • Sectors.adm – The Sectors file contains the Stock Sector Names.
  • Tips.adm – This file contains the complete list of tips available in Unfair Advantage. This file is often helpful if you click-away a tip just to realize that it contained something relevant.