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Data Coverage FAQ

Question: Do you provide End of Day or Real time Data? or What type of data do you provide?
Answer: We provide only End of Day data.

Question: Do you provide Forex data?
Answer: Yes, Forex data is provided as part of our Futures subscriptions.

Question: How much history is available?
Answer: On our Individual subscriptions 10 years of history is provided on an annual plan and 5 years on a monthly plan. Our Gold packages come with 30 year history. Extra history is available for additional costs. To see the full listing of markets offered with start dates available please view our Listing and Specifications page

Question: Do you provide Stock Options?
Answer: No, we provide Futures Options and Stock Index Options.

Question: What foreign Stocks do you carry?
Answer: We carry LSE & Canadian markets.

Question: Do you provide Delisted Stocks?
Answer: Yes, Delisted Stock data is a premium service and is an add-on package to our regular US Stock subscription, offered on an anual basis.