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How do I transfer/reinstall Unfair Advantage?

  1. Write down your User ID and User Number.
    (To find your User ID/User Number double click ‘Launch UA’ on your Windows desktop, navigate to ‘Preferences’ along the top, )
  2. Also backup your PORTFILE.ADM file which is found in your C:\UA\Archives directory, and paste it into a different location such as your desktop.
    (This step is only important for custom made portfolios. If you downloaded a vendor portfolio you can skip this step.)

    Copy the PORTFILE.ADM file to a external drive, or thumb drive for transfer to a new PC.

  3. Uninstall your previous version.
    Make sure to also delete the folder C:\ua (default location) from your local drive.
    (This step is very important for a reinstallation of the Software.)
  4. Go to the download page and download UA to the Windows Desktop.

    UA Download Page.

  5. When done saving, execute or unzip the downloaded file.
  6. Follow the on-screen directions and launch the program after the installation.
  7. Type in your permanent User ID and User Number and download to unlock Unfair Advantage.
  8. Copy your saved PORTFILE.ADM file into your C:\UA\Archives directory.
    (Click here for instructions how to move a portfolio.)
  9. Rewrite the Files in the Unfair Advantage.
    (Click LAUNCH UA on your desktop | navigate to PORTFOLIO along the top | click SELECT ALL | navigate again to PORTFOLIO | select REWRITE FILE IMMEDIATELY.)
    (This process may take several minutes to complete.)