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How to restore a PORTFILE.ADM from a backup file?

Steps if you are able to launch Unfair Advantage:

  1. Double click the LAUNCH UA icon on your desktop.
  2. Click PORTFOLIO along the top.
  4. Choose the most recent date with the biggest file size, and click the OK button.

Steps if you are NOT able to launch Unfair Advantage:

  1. Navigate to the START button and select MY COMPUTER (Windows XP) or COMPUTER (Windows Vista).
  2. Select the hard drive where you installed Unfair Advantage.
  3. Go to the folder \ua\archives.
  4. Click the VIEWS icon in the Windows Explorer and choose DETAILS.
    Navigate to the SIZE column and click it until you get the highest to the lowest file size.
    Look for the PORTFILE.ADM file.
    Choose a backup file (i.e portfile.r1 …, portfile.b1 …, portfile.d1 …, portfile.m1 …) which compares to the size of the PORTFILE.ADM file.
  5. Delete the PORTFILE.ADM file and rename the backup file (i.e portfile.r1) to PORTFILE.ADM.
  6. Go back to your desktop and double click LANUCH UA.