Market Data Unfair Advantage Posting Status Robert 2016

Unfair Advantage build x.120 available


  • New chart rendoring methods to eliminate flicker.
  • New contract roll indicators with show/hide feature.
  • Holidays now report on holiday downloads, instead of after the fact, when the next day is appended.
  • Added new stock factsheet tab to isolate delisted stocks.
  • Added a new column to express Exchange Traded Symbols in FactSheet. Many are filled, many are not, if you’d like to offer some you know that are missed, we will gladly have them tranmitted.
  • Chart tab synchronization bug no longer exists where editing a charts portfolio entry sometimes confused the ordering.
  • Tested and corrected what we believe to be all the possibile expiry rules.
  • New roll strategy operates properly with Volume/OI roll timing.
  • Added Roll Aligned w/ Data to Nth Nearest Future Contract.
  • Forced a no “merge on contracts” where not appropriate in the Symbol Linker.
  • Add Chart Series dialog remembers last usage settings.
  • Unadjusted Close is now correctly expressed in holiday records when previous close is disignated.
  • Online Help and Remote Support is utilized from Help menu
  • Date Format control which formats ASCII and EXCEL export file dates, and chart tabled dates.
  • Weekends can be inserted into exported ASCII files, and filled in the same way Holidays are. (Portfolio Preferences > Ascii Misc > Handle a Weekend)
  • Edit Portfolio Settings Button added to Portfolio Manager Button Cluster. Portfolio Start and Stop dates can be specified in Edit Portfolio Settings.

Expiration Rule editor:

You can express a new expiration rule, and then check the dates in the Advanced section that are generated based on the rule. Last Business Day for instance….Check the dates against your Calendar. Also, build a back adjust contract, rolling on Date – 31 days from Start, 0 months prior. This will force it to roll on the expiration dates generated by the rule back throughout history.
In practice, Customers can use this rule to base the Days before Expiration on in OI rolling schemes, using these custom expirations, that can now express First Notice Days, instead of the default Last Trading Days, which will help them to roll earlier in the cycle.

Symbol Linker:

This one is less complex to test. The main change is to link Electronic markets with Floor pit Symbols for back-testing, and command them to link when the Electronic Volume surpasses the Floor volume, or when the Electronic Open Interest surpasses the Floor’s Open Interest, or when both conditions are met.

Examples to test:
C > ZC
S > ZS
W > ZW

Stocks, LME forward contracts, and FOREX markets can be linked too:

Be careful with these as they cannot be linked with futures, we can’t mesh a backadjust contract with a single continuous forward contract series ( at this time ).
An editable adjustment value has been added to multiply or divide the source symbols data to match it against the target.

Examples for this are:

A factor of 0.1 is needed to match pricing (this is located in the source symbol area of the interface).

API properties added:

However there is a new property:
HolidayDOW – By default, UA now uses an ‘8’ to signify a holiday, to match documentation. This property can be set to -1 to have the DOW expressed, or 0 for 8 (default).
IncludeWeekends – adds records for saturday and sunday, defaults to 0 pricing.
UseExpiryRule – specifies whether to use user defined expiration rules when rolling continuous contracts.
RollByPercentage – Allows OI and/or Volume rolling to use a 50 – 100% comparison when rolling continuous contracts.
MinMnthsFwd – Specifies the nearest minimum month forward to view when rolling continuous contracts.
MaxMnthsFwd – Specifies the nearest maximum month forward to view when rolling continuous contracts.

A NEW backadjusted strategy

has been employed in the representative price calculation, and is described as follows:

Close new – Close Old Same Day, Roll Day Adjusted (preferred)
-Here the close of the new lead contract is compared with the same-day close of the former lead contract and the price difference is applied to all historical data including the date record of the contract change.New Close to Old Close difference is applied to all price fields, (Open, High, Low and Close) existing at the time of the Roll timing event. This pricing adjustment allows the new contract prices for the next record to be, seamlessly appended to earlier data without any contract pricing gaps. It also preserves the pricing relationships of all prices prior to the Close on the day of the roll by allowing for the execution of the roll during the trading session on the day identified as the roll day.


NEW – Close new – Close old Same Day, Roll Day Adjusted
Future #552 EBL0_IAB: Back-Adjusted of Euro German Bund-EUREX Daily,
Aligned w/ Data
20111205, 201112, 135.59, 135.64, 134.30, 135.06, 134.82, 0.00, 1008541, 519565
20111206, 201203, 134.61, 135.22, 134.28, 135.02, 135.02, 0.00, 733139, 808290
When Known
20111206, 201112, 134.66, 135.27, 134.33, 135.07, 134.78, 0.00, 1163067, 282129
20111207, 201203, 134.94, 136.21, 134.61, 135.80, 135.80, 0.00, 867432, 845828
When Lagged
20111207, 201112, 135.91, 137.18, 135.58, 136.77, 135.51, 0.00, 421000, 12453
20111208, 201203, 136.78, 136.99, 136.49, 136.82, 136.82, 0.00, 673339, 842290

OLD – Close new Close old Same Day
Align w/ Data
20111206, 201112, 134.61, 135.22, 134.28, 135.02, 134.78, 0.00, 1163067, 282129
20111207, 201203, 134.81, 136.21, 134.54, 135.80, 135.80, 0.00, 867432, 845828
When Known
20111207, 201112, 134.94, 136.21, 134.61, 135.80, 135.51, 0.00, 421000, 12453
20111208, 201203, 135.74, 137.00, 135.18, 136.82, 136.82, 0.00, 673339, 842290
When Lagged ( same as when known… )
20111207, 201112, 134.94, 136.21, 134.61, 135.80, 135.51, 0.00, 421000, 12453
20111208, 201203, 135.74, 137.00, 135.18, 136.82, 136.82, 0.00, 673339, 842290