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Option Strike Changes for UA

Option strikes now have an extra 1/2 tick for the following markets:

CSI # Symbol Market
44 US US T-Bond
74 FF 30 Day Federal Funds
150 TY 10 Tear US T-Note
251 FV 5 Year US T-Note
382 TU 2 Year US T-Note
1507 UL2 Ultra T-Bond
1910 UT1 Ultra Bond Week 1
1911 UT2 Ultra Bond Week 2
1912 UT3 Ultra Bond Week 3
1913 UT4 Ultra Bond Week 4
1914 UT5 Ultra Bond Week 5
1915 CG1 30 Year T-Bond Week 1
1916 CG2 30 Year T-Bond Week 2
1917 CG3 30 Year T-Bond Week 3
1918 CG4 30 Year T-Bond Week 4
1919 CG5 30 Year T-Bond Week 5

You will need to refresh your databases.
To refresh, click the Refresh Symbol Database button, and then Copy/Paste the following text into the Select Market tab box:


(Exclude those you are not interested in)

Then click Download. ( Refer to image below for guidance )

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If you’re using the Portfolio Manager to manage your options, you will have to delete all your strikes and re-enter them. I would recommend that instead of re-entering them, that you use the new options export utility which is much more user friendly and much less time consuming.

From within the Export Options Data tool ( Ctrl-O ):

  • Click the Clear Selections button to temporarily clear the list of option markets that you’re tracking
  • Check ALL the items from the above table that you’re interested in tracking
  • Click the Build Selected Option Files button
  • When this process has completed, click the Restore button to reselect your markets
  • Keep your files updated with the Auto Update feature

( Refer to image below for guidance )

HTML5 Icon

HTML5 Icon

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